Roger C Croxson

A wide and varied career is one way of putting it!

Roger C Croxson worked in domestic, international and foreign exchange banking as well as accountancy before obtaining his degree as a mature student. After masters and doctoral research he ran various projects and companies. These were as diverse as oral and architectural history, books and catering.

In the late 1980s he joined an international communications research company as head of research and development. This was his introduction to broadcasting and distance learning in the UK and abroad. He was also involved with the new Intellecual Property problems with the Royal Television Society, Radio Acadamy and Telecomunication Managers Association and was advisor to various UK and european bodies..

During the early 1990s Roger set up an organic and vegetarian hamper company which was ahead of it's time! He also dabbled in marketing, import/export and design.

This was followed by training as a Reflexologist, Crystal Healer, Reiki Healer and Shamanic Healer. Also, Roger gained his PGCE enabling him to teach adults at all levels. As well as having a practice he also taught various adult classes and workshops.

Roger also published a monograph on Reflexology and Crystals and gave talks and workshops on this topic around the UK. He was also asked to write for and be published by Hodder Education which produced two respected and successful books.

The call of technology sounded and he started learning to use and work with computers. This was followed by web site design, both as a sole developer and as design director of a web company.

During the twenty first century Roger has returned to photography and although basically retired is running a small specilized photographic and digital art studio. Please visit and

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